Motorhome Hire Scotland, Fife, Central Scotland.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it!” Or so the old saying goes, well, we think you can!”

ClipperTrek are an established family company providing Motorhome hire in Scotland from our Fife office. We are situated in Central Scotland only a few hours from the majestic Scottish Highlands. An ideal location to begin your motorhome journey in Scotland.

In our Bailey Approach 760SE you can be glamped in the wilderness of Scotland, lochs & mountains your only neighbours. A few hours enjoyable travel and your holiday could be transformed into a city break, camping on the edge of Edinburgh, within the city bus route. Lovely any time of year but the Festival is incredible. All the while surrounded in the luxury accommodation that is our brand new motorhome, providing five star living for 6 people.

It’s unbelievably spacious, with more that enough headroom to practise your juggling skills! Bailey have an excellent reputation for attention to detail and a quality that’s obvious as soon as you step inside. Speaking of that important detail the entry step height is 7.5 inches (or 45cm), hence another reason to choose the Bailey – it’s ease of access- which is good news for all ages.

We’ve listed the full specification on “Our Motorhome” page. We’ve also listed the items included in your hire and the things we can provide at an extra cost.

We’d love you to have a fantastic holiday in our Motorhome and return to us in the future. As a family-run business and keen motor homers ourselves, we will do all we can to ensure this happens, so we fitted a reversing camera and satnav to make your holiday go smoothly! With our membership, you’ll also have access to the Camping & Caravanning Club sites.

So we reckon you can not only have your cake and eat it-in the Bailey’s beautiful galley- you can easy bake it too!!


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